FIRST UK SCREENING of William & Kate: The Movie - Review

April 14, 2011 | By: Caroline Frost

Rating: 7/10 for undiluted, guilty pleasure
Wills is a ruddy-cheeked Disney prince with Mr Whippy yellow hair, and Kiwi actor Nico Evers-Swindell has obviously swallowed the entire Hugh Grant rom-com archiv e. He stutters winningly enough through his beds-girl/loses-girl/jumps-in-river-to-win-back-girl narrative rollercoaster, but the cricket-jumpered crooning might have been a bridge too far. US actress Camilla Luddington (brought up, like Kate, in Berkshire, not that you'd know it from the accent) is our big-screen Cinderella. Of all the Gossip Girl clones batting scary ey es at Wills at university, Kate stands alone and reminds us "he's just a man".
VIDEO TRAILER: Click here to see Wills and Kate in action, US-style

Both give 110% to what amounts to the script of Notting Hill in reverse but, despite these unironic efforts, applause must be saved for sup

porting roles. Serena Scott-Thomas as Carole Middleton oozes LA lacquer as she instils feminist strength in her recently dumped daughter – "You

have your wonderful job at Jigsaw. Now show him what he's missing."

Ben Cross's eyebrows nearly cross over as the befuddled Prince of Wales, lecturing young Kate on the perils of pesticide – I kid you not – and harming the environment, while he loads the rifle to take another pot-shot at an unfortunate pigeon. And if you laugh out loud when you first spot Prince Harry, I can only think you must be meant to.

Lest we get lost in the froth of romance, we of course are reminded of the high peril of William's position. He pauses mid-Highland romp to ruminate on his mother – "she understood what the people wanted because she was one of them", and Charles reminds him that "there are always repercussions when one changes ones mind". Presumably and sadly, the accompanying nose-tap to camera got cut, and we are instead left with such killer lines at the wobbly Highgrove breakfast table, "The eggs here are organic." It's amazing some people still want a republic.

This really is cringeingly, mind-numbingly, arm-chewingly awful, and I confess I loved every minute.
WILLIAM AND KATE: THE MOVIE is out on DVD on 25th April 2011